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Symons cone crusher mantle

Mantle and concave ( bowl liner) are the mainly parts of which the crushing cavity is made up. During daily use the most frequently needed are parts are mantle and concave. Quality mantle and concave must be made of quality raw materials with good technology and strict producing procedure. Key for the quality is well water toughening.

Zhengzhou Sebon Cone Crusher mantle
Zhengzhou Sebon offers a wide range of concave (bowl liner) and mantle to suit Nordberg Symons cone crushers, including cavity:
standard extra coarse
standard coarse
standard medium
standard fines
Standard extra fine
short head coarse
short head medium
short head fines
short head extra fines

Material for the mantle and concave widely used are Mn18Cr2 and Mn13Cr2.

Zhengzhou Sebon manganese crusher parts are available to suit
symons series:3 feet, 4 feet, 4 1/4feet, 5 1/2 feet and 7 feet

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