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Symons cone crusher pinion/ Symons cone crusher pinion supplier

4 1/4ft symons cone crusher parts
symons cone crusher parts
crown and pinion gear
2ft crown and pinion gear
3ft  crown and pinion gear
4ft  crown and pinion gear
4.25ft  crown and pinion gear
5.5ft  crown and pinion gear
7ft  crown and pinion gear

2FT crown material:20CrMnTi
2FT pinion gear material:ZG42CrMo

3FT crown material:20CrMnTi
3FT pinion gear material:ZG42CrMo

4FT crown material:20CrNi2MoA
4FT pinion gear material:ZG42CrMo

5.5FT crown material:20CrMnTi
5.5FT pinion gear material:42CrMo

Symons cone crusher pinion features:
1 Improved production
2 More accurate product sizing
3 Better wear metal utilization and lower discard weight
4 Longer wear part life
5 Lower overall operating costs

Symons cone crusher pinion quality control:
German zeiss CMM
Metallographic microscope
Machinery performance testing equipment
Hardness testing equipment
Direct-reading spectrometer

If you need Symons cone crusher pinion stock or Symons cone crusher pinion machining service , you can contact with Zhengzhou Sebon, we can make the Symons cone crusher pinion quotation according to your demands .

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