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Crusher straight bevel gear manufacturer from china

Crusher straight bevel gear manufacturer from china

Specification:Machining Scope
Outer Diameter:100-5000mm
Hobbing Modulus:up tp 40
Milling Modulus:up tp 50
Accuracy Grade:OD with 4000mm, 6 grade; OD above 4000mm, 8 grade.
Heat treatment:annealing or normalization, quenching & tempering
Surface Treatment:Grinding & Carburization, nutrition & shotblasting, mid-high quenching on the surface.

Crusher straight bevel gear processing:
Forging,Machining,Hobbing,Milling,Shaving, Grinding,Heat treatment......
Crusher straight bevel gear main machines:
NC Gear Hobbing Machines,NC Gear Shapers(Gealson,Moude),NC lathe,NC gear Shaving machines,
NC gear millling,Nc gear grinding Machines and many kinds of gear related machines.
Crusher straight bevel gear Inspection:
We have high value inspection machines.Equipped with Stick Quality control following with Experienced Engineers.Offer Each Production Photos Schedule,On Time Delivery and Marketing Information Sharing.

Zhengzhou Sebon Enterprises, as a crusher straight bevel gear Manufacturer , can supply Crusher straight bevel gear. We also can provide crusher straight bevel gear machining services, so if you need  crusher straight bevel gear stock or machining parts , you can also contact Zhengzhou Sebon !

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