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Cone crusher socket liner supplier price


cone crusher socket liner function:Socket liner is installed at the top of main shaft, it sustains the whole mantle and when the cone crusher work, movable head ball assembly twirl at the top of socket liner. With good lubrication, it is good for extending the service-life.

cone crusher socket liner features:
1.High load capacity Good anti-wearing
2.Low coefficients of friction
3.Good heat conductivity
4.High corrosion resistence
5.No contaminant by oil or grease

Zhengzhou Sebon Enterprises Co., Ltd is a standard company specialized in producing and exporting cone crusher socket liner. We have our own cone crusher socket liner factory and if you need the cone crusher socket liner, we can manufacture for you. If you need the competitive cone crusher socket liner price, please don't hesitate to contact with our sales person.

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