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The points you need to know when you buy vibrating screen

vibrating screen (vibrating screening machine) is a essential equipment of mineral processing production line, stone production line, cement production line; so the demand of vibrating screen is great, before you buy, you must understand the structure of vibrating screen at first. SEBON will introduce for you:
1. sieve to avoid the edge of the box as close trays direct discharge of material, the material to the screen in the middle to collect, improve screening accuracy. The following applies to the 1000 small diameter rotary vibration sieve, the demand for the special screening. Currently, due to the limited screen cell height, additional trays easy to make material decline blocked. Generally not subject to screening trays.
2. using the prop ball plate, the ball bouncing on the set, is a clear network devices to help clean up the screen to enhance the screening effect. But the increase in the upper part of the screening machine weight, reduce vibration transmission power, weaken the screening effect. Such as prop ball plate cracking, increased sales costs. Asked whether the installation of the ball plate, depending on the screening requirements.
3. the role of the protection ring stretching fine mesh sieve to avoid the crush grid mesh; mesh grid edge sealing strengthened to prevent leakage of material. If it is thick wire diameter screen, plus stretching circle will affect the operation, increasing the difficulty of the screen may require without stretching circle.

In order to improve the efficiency vibrating screen, SEBON mining equipment manufacturers can eradicate customer demand for different layers, different vibration sieve size specifications for customer choice, more information can consult mining machinery company.

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