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The characteristics of aluminum alloy die-casting and detection

 Let's take a look at the characteristics of aluminum alloy die-casting and detection:

1, put aluminum alloy die casting in alkaline solution, in crack appears dark grey metallic matrix damage and crack straight or wavy lines is narrow and long. Kinds of die casting products is diverse, including automobile, motorcycle, communication, household appliances, metal products, electric tools, IT, lighting, escalator cascade, toys, lamps, etc
2, castings and metal flow in the same direction on the surface of the stripes, with visible and is not the same as the base metal color omnidirectional pattern, no development trend.
3 on the surface of the aluminum alloy die casting , a mesh hair convex or concave traces, continuously expand and extend with the increase of the  number of die casting.
The reason
1, the first into the cavity of the metal to form a very thin and not fully metal layer, by the metal liquid then leave no traces.
2, the mold temperature is too low
3, the inappropriate position of sprue sectional area is too small and splash.
4, insufficient pressure acting on the liquid metal pattern: too much paint dosage .
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