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Telsmith™ Crusher Parts

 Telsmith™ Crusher Parts


sebon supply Telsmith Crusher Parts, we are the professional Telsmith Parts Suppliers. Telsmith Spare Parts For OEM.
SEBON support Telsmith Parts models including 10X21 ( jaw plate ), 18X32 ( jaw plate ), 20/22X36 ( jaw plate ), 25X40 ( jaw plate ), 30X42 ( jaw plate ), 36X48 ( jaw plate ) ect.
Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts
We stock hundreds of concaves and mantles, if your Telsmith crusher wear part number is not listed below, provide us with the model and serial numbers, chances are we have the parts you require within our inventory system.
Backed with the largest crusher spares inventory, SEBON guarantees the performance of every manganese casting.
Unsure which manganese alloy would best suit your production needs? Our experienced staff of crushing specialists can recommend an alloy that will allow maximum wear life for the lowest cost per ton.
Telsmith Jaw crusher 10X21, Telsmith Jaw crusher 18X32, Telsmith Jaw crusher 25X40, Telsmith Jaw crusher 30X42
Part Number Weight Description
B272-262C 280.00 10X21-Stationary
B272-263C 247.00 10X21-Movable
1832-4B 1263.00 1832-Movable
1832-7D 1109.00 1832-Stationary
B-273-681C 1625.00 2036-Movable
B-273-688C 1415.00 2036-Stationary
B-273-781C 2653.00 2540-Movable
B-273-788C 2368.00 2540-Stationary
B-273-888C 3211.00 3042-Stationary
B-273-881C 3155.00 3042-Movable
Part Number Weight Description
CD-272-713 7.00 Stud Cap
CB-272-713 35.00 Mantle, Upper
BB-272-713 185.00 Mantle, Lower
AB-272-708 236.00 Concave Ring, C
BB-272-708 210.00 Concave Ring, M
Part Number Weight Description
AA-272-452C 12.00 Mantle Nut
C-272-452C 12.00 Mantle Stud Cap
D-272-452C 92.15 Mantle, Upper
B-272-451C 546.00 Mantle, Lower
B-272-426C 651.00 Concave Ring, C
B-272-428C 705.00 Concave Ring, XC
B-272-427C 726.00 Concave Ring, C
B-272-429C 704.00 Concave Ring, F
B-272-432C 777.00 Concave Ring, 367S
Part Number Weight Description
D-272-454C 58.00 Mantle, Upper
B-272-453C 597.00 Mantle, Lower
B-272-430C 651.00 Concave Ring, M
B-272-431C 904.00 Concave Ring, C
C-272-454C 110.00 Feed Plate
Part Number Weight Description
D-272-308C 16.00 Mantle Nut
C-272-308C 25.00 Stud Cap
E-272-308C 246.00 Mantle, Upper
D-272-307C 1246.00 Mantle, Lower
D-272-307IF 987.00 Mantle, Lower - Increased Feed
B-272-312C 1521.00 Concave Ring, C
B-272-313C 1551.00 Concave Ring, M
B-272-313C-HD Concave Ring, M - HD
B-272-360C 1597.00 Concave Ring, F
B-272-361C 1666.00 Concave Ring, XC
B-272-345C 1995.00 Concave, C-489S
Part Number Weight Description
E-272-349C 149.00 Mantle, Upper
B-272-348IF 1097.00 Mantle, Lower - Increased Feed
B-272-348C 1250.00 Mantle, Lower
B-272-343IF 1733.00 Concave Ring, C - Increased Feed
B-272-343C 1860.00 Concave Ring, C
B-272-344C 1539.00 Concave Ring, M
C-272-349C 222.00 Feed Plate
D-272-349C 289.00 Main Shaft Nut, RH
B-272-349C 289 Main Shaft Nut, LH
Part Number Weight Description
B-272-809C 210.00 Mantle, Upper
B-272-808C 753.00 Mantle, Lower
B-272-810C 940.00 Concave Ring
C-272-809C 93.00 Torch Ring
44" & 52" FC & S
Part Number Weight Description
A-272-2429 1364.00 44" S-Concave, C
DA-272-2429 1477.00 44" FC Concave, C
A-272-2332 1905.00 52" S-Mantle
BA-272-2329 1984.00 52" S-Concave, C
A-272-2432 1195.00 44" S-Mantle
CB-272-1533 58.00 52" FC/S Torch Ring
66" S & FC
Part Number Weight Description
HB-272-623C 397.00 Mantle, Upper - STD
GB-272-623C 4319.00 Mantle, Lower - STD
AB-272-608C 5124.00 Concave Ring, M - STD
BF-272-623C 84.00 Mantle Cap
BD-272-623C 53.00 Mantle Nut
JA-272-623C 3191.00 Mantle, FC
NB-272-608C 4055.00 Concave Ring, FC-C
CD-272-623C 489.00 Upper Mantle, FC
1100 S & FC
Part Number Weight Description
DB-272-1333 48.00 Mantle Nut Cap
B-272-1339 655.00 Mantle, Lower - STD
B2-272-1339 1015.00 Mantle, Lower - HD
AB-272-1329 1329.00 Concave Ring, C
BB-272-1329 1137.00 Concave Ring, M
JB-272-1329 1228.00 Concave Ring, M
EB-272-1329 1202.00 Concave Ring, M
BB-272-1333 31.00 Torch Ring
1300 S & FC
Part Number Weight Description
B-272-1533 79.00 Mantle Nut Cap
CB-272-1533 55.00 Torch Ring
GB-272-1533 1244.00 Mantle
AB-272-1529 1766.00 Concave Ring, C
KB-272-1528 1899.00 Concave Ring, F
1500, 1510 S & FC
Part Number Weight Description
D-272-1208 132.00 Mantle Nut Cap
AB-272-1339 77.00 Torch Ring
BB-272-1239 2101.00 Mantle
AB-272-1207 2677.00 Concave Ring, C
DB-272-1207 2497.00 Concave Ring, M
JB-272-1229 2120.00 Concave Ring, M
HB-272-1229 2198.00 Concave Ring, C
BB-272-1229 1854.00 Concave Ring, M

*Processing with supplied drawings or samples

SEBON can manufacture spares and wear parts for a wide range of crushers, screens and crushing plants, including jaw plate, blow bar, liner plate, mantle, concave, rotor for crusher, hammer, etc. SEBON can also processing the spare parts as your requirement if you send the drawings or samples to us.


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