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Cedar Rapids™ Crusher Parts

Cedar Rapids™ Crusher Parts


SEBON supply Cedar Rapids Crusher Parts, we are the professional Cedar Rapids Parts Suppliers. Cedar Rapids Spare Parts For OEM.
SEBON support Cedar Rapids Parts models including 10X16 ( jaw plate ), 10X36 ( jaw plate ), 20/22X36 ( jaw plate ), 25X40 ( jaw plate ), 32X42 ( jaw plate ), 36X48 ( jaw plate ) ect.
SEBON has the largest and most diverse inventory of manganese alloy crusher spare parts in the world.
Our manganese crusher components will meet or exceed the most demanding quality standards to insure the best products in the industry.
If your Cedar Rapids crusher parts are not listed here, please provide the model and serial numbers, we probably have the manganese part in stock. 10X16, 10X36, 20/22X36, 25X40, 32X42 36X48.
Part Number Weight Description
312S 75.00 9/10X16 Toggle
302 185.00 1016-Stationary
303B 190.00 1016-Movable
207M 42.00 1016-Cheek Plate
602 LH 555.00 1036-Stationary
603 SS 655.00 1036-Movable
507 SS 66.00 1036-Cheek Plate
1604-A-07 733.00 1236-Twin
2025-A05 1193.00 2025-Movable
2025-A04 1045.00 2025-Stationary
802 D 1199.00 2036-Stationary
802-HT 1482.00 2036-Stationary
802-HT-FIE 1582.00 2036-Stationary w/Filled in Ends
803 D 1443.00 2036-Movable
803-HT 1612.00 2036-Movable
803-HT-FIE 1712.00 2036-Movable w/Filled in Ends
807 A 84.00 2036-Lo-Cheek
809 A 196.00 2036-Up-Cheek
901-HT 2341.00 2540-Stationary
2540-400-05 2337.00 2540-Stationary
902-HT 2900.00 2540-Movable
2540-400-06 2389.00 2540-Movable
904 L 358.00 2540-Up-LH
904 R 358.00 2540-Up-RH
905 L 219.00 2540-Low-LH
905 R 219.00 2540-Low-RH
3042-51-01 3142.00 3042-Stationary
3042-51-01-FI 3738.00 3042-Stationary W/Filled in Ends
3042-51-02 3167.00 3042-Movable
3042-51-02-FI 3567.00 3042-Movable W/Filled in Ends
EX 1498A 3775.00 3648-Stationary
EX 1503 4950.00 3648-Movable

*Processing with supplied drawings or samples

SEBON can manufacture spares and wear parts for a wide range of crushers, screens and crushing plants, including jaw plate, blow bar, liner plate, mantle, concave, rotor for crusher, hammer, etc. SEBON can also processing the spare parts as your requirement if you send the drawings or samples to us.


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