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Allis Chalmers™ Crusher Parts


Allis Chalmers™ Crusher Parts

SEBON supply Allis Chalmers Crusher Parts, we are the professional Allis Chalmers Parts Suppliers. Allis Chalmers Spare Parts For OEM.
SEBON support Allis Chalmers Parts models including 45, 51, H4000, 500 ect.
Allis Chalmers Cone Crusher Parts
Backed with the largest Allis Chalmers Jaw crusher spares inventory, SEBON guarantees the performance of every manganese casting crusher hammers.
Unsure which manganese alloy would best suit your production needs? Our experienced staff of crushing specialists can recommend an alloy that will allow maximum wear life for the lowest cost per ton.
We stock hundreds of cones and mantles, if your Hydracone wear part number is not listed below, provide us with the model and serial numbers, chances are we have the parts you require within our inventory system.
Part Number Weight Description
07353239-001 1292.00 Mantle
17300026-001 1697.00 Mantle, HD
07452542-001 1805.00 Concave, 3ARM-6
07453434-001 2050.00 Concave, 2ARM-6
07452152-001 1744.00 Concave, 2ARM-9"
Part Number Weight Description
07345752-001 1854.00 Mantle
07345734-001 3094.00 Concave, 2ARM10
Part Number Weight Description
17-302-598-001 2289.00 Mantle
17-302-599-001 2655.00 Mantle, HD
17-401-831-001 2777.00 Concave, 2 ARM 8"
Part Number Weight Description
07402209-001 106.00 11" Up Concave
07402210-001 113.00 11" Up Concave Key
07400846-001 167.00 11" Lo Concave
07400847-001 157.00 11" Lo Concave Key
17400728-001 1201.00 Mantle
H 4000
Part Number Weight Description
44300033-001 1678.00 Mantle, Fine
44300034-001 1627.00 Mantle, Med.
44400064-001 1721.00 Bowl Liner, Fine
44400066-001 1737.00 Bowl Liner, M
44400067-001 1817.00 Bowl Liner, Med/CRS
44400068-001 1895.00 Bowl Liner, C
44400069-001 1896.00 Bowl Liner, X-C

*Processing with supplied drawings or samples

SEBON can manufacture spares and wear parts for a wide range of crushers, screens and crushing plants, including jaw plate, blow bar, liner plate, mantle, concave, rotor for crusher, hammer, etc. SEBON can also processing the spare parts as your requirement if you send the drawings or samples to us.


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