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PYD-900Z crushing wall
PYD-900Z Cone crusher crushing wall, Low noise, low vibration, reduce noise pollution , wear resistance, long life cycle.
PYD-900X Cone crusher parts--crushing wall
Crushing wall is the main wear parts of cone crusher, In order to ensure the high efficiency of cone crusher in the work, select high wear resistance of crushing wall is the foundation.
PYB-1300TC Cone crusher crushing wall
Crushing wall, also known as cone crusher dynamic cone, is the important parts of cone crusher. In the actual working conditions, the work bears a very strong, high cycle times, repeatedly alternating the role of stress.
PYB-1600C cone crusher parts broken wall
PYB-1600C cone crusher parts broken wall Specifications Die casting PYB-1600C cone crusher parts 1high manganese with rare modification 2 wear resistance anti-friction 3 longer lives Die casting PYB-1600C cone crusher parts broken wall 1.High mangane
PYD-2100C crushing wall
Product introduction:sebon using high manganese steel manufacture all kinds of cone crusher crushing wall and rolling mortar wall, the parts made by the 13% manganese alloy steel pieces,
PYD-2100TC cone crusher parts crushing wall
We use high-manganese steel material production crushing wall effectively prevents wear in the crushing process, greatly extending its life.
PYB-2100X crushing wall / broken wall
Sebon is high manganese steel (ZGMn13, ZGMn17/18, ZGMn13Cr2) high chromium casting professional manufacturers.
PYB-2100Z high manganese crushing wall
Accessories Introduction:sebon super-high manganese steel crushing wall compared with other materials, with strong wear resistance, good safety performance, long service, etc.
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