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Jaw crusher internal structure and range of application

Jaw crusher internal structure and range of application 
Zhengzhou Sebon Heavy Industry Machinerary Co., Ltd according to real information with years of practical experience combined with customer feedback and research, innovation, research and development of PE jaw crusher variety of models, from the compact structure, flexible adjustment, rugged small and medium-sized jaw crusher to be applied mining, building materials, road construction, silicate and chemical industries crushing production to large crusher high processing everything.

No matter what kind of material you need broken, strong abrasive resistance from hard rock to recycling waste materials, PE jaw crusher is the best choice answers. Jaw crusher mainly consists of rod, spring, adjusting pads, adjust the seat, toggle plate, movable jaw, eccentric shaft, movable jaw fixed wedge, moving jaw, side guard plate, fixed jaw plate rack. 
1,PE jaw crusher is mainly composed of the body, eccentric shaft, jaw, adjusting devices. The body is cast from steel or steel welded together. 
2, jaw broken eccentric shaft is made from high quality alloy steel forging, eccentric shaft at both ends of the car parts, the shaft install different types of bearings. 
3, motorized jaw broken jaw 45 # steel material. The movable jaw jaw used by high manganese cast, and fixed on the movable jaw with a compact. By the motor through V-belt pulleys driven eccentric shaft, so that the jaw is reciprocated, which will enter the crushing cavity material to be broken to achieve the purpose of crushing, the material was crushed by the weight of discharged through the discharge port. 
4, jaw crusher adjustment device, using the side of the flapper form, is mainly used to adjust the size of the port of discharge, the size of the discharge opening of the proportional output, changing the position of the bracket, the discharge opening gap can be adjusted. (According to the user's requirements, adjustments can be hydraulically adjusted).

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