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casting steel casting process

 Steel cast itself usually  can take part in the assembly without process, such as caterpillar chain, but most of the casting needs to be processed then  formed the spare parts, so basically is the rough machined parts, castings, especially request high precision parts, parts size can take part in the assembly, after processing equipment are basic approaches. So, what is casting steel casting process?

Technological process:
1 make bubble plastic mould, combination of gating system, gasification spray brush, special high temperature resistant coating and drying.
2 puts special interlayer sand box vibration workbench, fill in the bottom sand, dry sand vibration compaction, the flat, put on the sand at the bottom of the drying of the gasification mode, filled with dry sand, micro vibration time leveling appropriate box.
3 with plastic mulch, put on the sprue cup, vacuum system, vacuum absorption, dry sand tighten after molding, casting, gasification disappear, the metal liquid to replace its position.
4 release the vacuum,  waiting for the casting condensing then turn the box, to take out  the castings from the loose dry .
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